Introductory Meeting

22 09 2007

Out first meeting is just around the corner! We’ll be expecting all of you, photographers and models, in the Shirley Barlowe Room next Wednesday 6pm. That leaves you three days to recover from Fresher’s Week – because we’re nice like that. You’ll need the extra energy because we’re going to jump right into the action: photogs, bring your camera,* models, put on your favourite outfit.
Whilst we’re usually in the centre of attention, for our meetings we’ve found ourselves a quiet super secret place in the Eliot Cloisters. In fact, the meeting’s so secret we want you to tell all your friends about it! You’ll find us if you follow the plan we’ve attached. That’s too easy? Alright then, enter Eliot through the main entrance, walk down into the dining hall, turn left and walk through the doors. You’ll pass a grassy area on your left. That’s the cloisters!
*If you don’t have a camera, don’t worry about it.



2 responses

26 09 2007

I love the Eliot maze, damn that’s true. They must have had a monkey designing the layout of that place. I hope I can find it.

27 09 2007
Photographers and Models @ UKC |

[…] Yesterday the Photographers and Models @ UKC society, of which I am now vice-president, had its introductory meeting. Rather than just talking about what the society’s plans for the year are we jumped right […]

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