Newsletter! 28th March 2010

28 03 2010

Hello boys and girls! I hope you’ve all had a fun weekend ūüôā

Have you checked out the Fashion Show article in the centre of InQuire? If you haven’t, you can pick up free copies from places such as Essentials or Mungo’s! ūüôā

Rituals Lock-In:

Girls – don’t forget about our exciting girly lock-in in Rituals in town (next to Swarovski) This fun event will be all about pampering, with free hand massages, makeovers, tea, strawberries and more!! Do come along, it’s this coming Tuesday 30th March, 5:30-6:30pm and we’ll meet outside the shop. This might be a fun opportunity for us to have a girly dinner afterwards, so keep this date free!!!


This week’s meeting will be on advanced editing; bring your laptops along and we’ll show you guys how to use masks and layers in Photoshop for selective editing. Remember, meetings are in Eliot Seminar Room 1 at 5pm.

Weekly Competition:

This week’s competition topic will be the season ‘Spring’ ūüôā

Workshop Opportunity:

The university will be running a workshop on ‘Portraits’ in May… Please find details attached to your email!

That’s it for this week!

Enjoy the rare sunshine!

Hannah xx



Newsletter! 22nd March 2010

22 03 2010

¬†Hello everyone, Happy Monday! ūüôā

First let me say a huge WELL DONE and thank you to all those who took part in the Fashion Show, the show was a great success and all you models looked awesome!! Gloda has videos of the show Рyou can find them at:


Having now hopefully caught up on sleep again after the Fashion Show, we have an exciting event coming up! There is a shop in town called Rituals who would like to invite all the girly models (sorry, guys!) to a luxurious lock in with things like free hand massages, makeovers, tea, strawberries and more!! This is set to be an exciting session and is fixed for the 30th March! More details to come soon, get excited!


This week you will be talking about camera care which includes how to store your equipment, how to keep it safe in extreme weather conditions, how often you should get them cleaned and checked professionally, and how and what to clean by yourself!   Remember Рthe meetings are at 5pm in Eliot Seminar Room 1 every Wednesday.

Those photographers who have photos from the Fashion Show (was a great turnout!) can you please post them on to Flickr when you have finished editing them.

Competition: Congrats¬†to Gloda¬†for winning this week’s photo competition! Next week’s topic is ‘sleep’.

That’s all for this week guys!

Hannah xx


Fashion Show 2010!

16 03 2010

The UKC Annual Fashion Show is set to take place on Saturday 20th March 2010, Eliot Hall, 7:30pm!

This is going to be a really great show so come along and watch the students of UKC strut their stuff on the catwalk!

We will be modelling clothes from shops such as Fat Face, Armoire, Punkyfish and lots more!

Tickets are now on sale from Mandela Р£5 which includes free entry and queue jump to Venue afterwards!

This is set to be a great event so make sure you get your tickets soon so you don’t miss out!

See a video of last year’s fashion show here!

Newsletter! 15th March 2010

15 03 2010


Hello everyone! I hope you’ve¬†had a good start to the week ūüôā

The FASHION SHOW¬†is nearly here!!!!! Well done to those who are involved, and for those who aren’t, GO GET YOUR TICKETS FROM MANELA! It’s gonna be a great show, so make sure you don’t miss out. It starts at 7:30pm this Saturday 20th March in Eliot Hall. Please come along and support!


Due to miscommunication, it was unknown that Alison Hollis had decided to continue to fill the role of Photography VP. Therefore we are no longer looking for anyone to fill this role as she is eligible to automatically fill the role! Apologies for the mix up… :-S


There will be no meeting this week due to the Fashion Show coming up! However, we are still looking for photographers to be present on the night to take photographs of the show. This is a great opportunity to get experience shooting a catwalk show and should not be missed! You will be required to attend the rehearsal which is the Friday before (from 6pm in Eliot Hall) to get an idea of where you will be and what poses to look out for. However, if you cannot make this, you may still come and photograph the show, but having a sneaky preview would be preferable!


Last week’s competition winner of the ‘Glass’ topic is Gloda! This week’s topic will be ‘Rain’…

Have a lovely week, everyone!



Competition – “Wildlife” Voting

13 03 2010

Take a look at the photos for this week’s competition on the flickr group and vote for your favorite!

Competition – “Glass” Voting

9 03 2010

Take a look at the photos for this week’s competition on the flickr group and vote for your favorite!

Newsletter! 28th February 2010

28 02 2010

Hello everyone! We have lots to tell you this week, so please make sure you read through the whole newsletter so that you don’t miss out on stuff! ūüôā¬†

Don’t forget we have hoodies available – pop into Mandela to purchase one!¬†¬†

Fashion Show 

Make sure you pay your membership!!! ūüėõ

We now have fitting times for you! If you are in the following sets, you must try your best to attend the fittings:

SLATERS Menswear: Weds 3rd March, 4pm

FAT FACE FORMAL: Tuesday 9th March, 5:30-6:30

FAT FACE CASUAL: Weds 10th March, 5:30-6:30

PUNKYFISH: Weds 10th March, 4-5pm

KALICO & MINUET: Weds 17th March, 2pm

Please try and come to these fittings as it’s also in your best interest to have some say in the clothes you will be modelling!


We are going to be having a photo shoot on the¬†10th March¬†with a 50’s theme – check out the Facebook¬†group for more details!¬† We will be shooting in the Red Room in Keynes (this is the room next to K-Bar). Keep checking for more info!¬†
After the photo shoot, at around 7pm, we will be holding our AGM¬†(Annual General Meeting) where we will hold our elections for next year’s committee! Elections will also be held in the Red Room.
You¬†MUST be a paid up member in order to run for a position and/or vote at the elections!¬†This must be done by the afternoon of the elections. You can become a paid member by going to the Union website¬†( –> Student Activites¬†–> Societies –> ‘to join a society or sports club click here’. Alternatively you can pay at Mandela¬†(located to the left of the Venue)
Here is a run down of all the positions that are up for grabs…
Photography President:
– Organises and runs the weekly workshops and competition topics as well as the photography trips with the help of the Vice President (VP)
– Organises society photo shoots with the help of the committee
РEnsures members know about any photography opportunities or outside competitions he/she is emailed about
– Monitors the Flickr group page
Modelling President:
–¬†Organises and runs workshops and events, such as Kent’s Next Top Model with the help of his/her VP
– Organises society photoshoots with the help of the committee
– Organises the annual Fashion Show with the help of the committee (this includes finding companies/designers, planning the sets and auditioning models, among other jobs!)
– Ensures members know about any modelling opportunities he/she is emailed about

Photography Vice President:

– Assists the photography President in planning and running the weekly workshops and competition topics as well as the photography trips
– Fills in for President when they are not available
– Helps the President with any little jobs that he/she is not able to complete

Modelling Vice President:
Assists the modelling President with workshops and other events, such as Kent’s Next Top Model
– Fills in for the President when they are not available
– Helps the President with any little jobs that he/she are not able to complete
Writes and sends out the weekly newsletter and updates the website and Facebook groups with the latest news
– Takes minutes at weekly committee meetings
– Assists any committee member with their jobs if need be
– Monitors the society funds
– Organises the hoodies
Social Secretary:
– Organises society socials
– Fills out Risk Assessment forms
Remember: Everyone who is a¬†paid member¬†is able to run for any position they desire. So if you want a hand in making the society better, then please do not be shy! There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition… ūüėõ
If you would like to run for a position please let us know by emailing him your name and what position you are going for at You will need to prepare a speech of no longer than 2 minutes about why you would be good at the position you are running for.

After the shoot and the elections, we will be having a social! The social will be held in Mungos’ VIP room. Again, join the Facebook group for more details! ūüôā¬†
This coming Saturday (the 6th of March) is our long awaited trip to London Zoo! If you plan on coming with us, please let Mikey know (at mar35) by Friday at the latest. This is because he needs to know how many 2 for 1 vouchers he needs to acquire, which would make the entrance fee a little less than £8 each. This, however, only applies to those who have travelled on the train, and therefore you will not be able to get this deal if you arrive by coach.

Also, for every group of 4 travelling on the train, you can get for the price of 3 (which is just over ¬£15). So not only does it¬†more make the trip merrier, but also cost less. We had a good 10 people come to on the last london trip, let’s try and make it at least 12 this time!
What you need to bring:
Appropriate attire for the weather (let’s hope it sunny!)
Packed lunch if you desire
Around £30 for the expenditures (in case we do not make desired numbers)
Your camera!


Mikey will confirm the details on Friday as to what is happening, but as usual expect to be at the station for around 9:40am. The Zoo does not close until 5:30pm so we will have a good full day to explore!
This week we will be having a “critique” session where you an bring a few photos of yours and have them commented on and gain some constructive criticism on how you could have made them better. The meeting will be in Eliot Seminar Room 1 at 5 on Wednesday as usual.
Weekly Competition
Congrats to Ramez for winning last week’s competition. This week’s theme is “Glass”. Don’t forget to vote on our website, and you can enter the weekly competition by joining this flickr group:¬†